Take Me To The Place


Text písně Take Me To The Place

I remember that first moment

When You made my life complete

Everything was pure and simple Then

It was only You and me

I remember times together

When the fellowship was sweet

But it seems at times so far away

Its become a memory

I got to have You close to me

I wanna hear You call my name

Make it like it used to be

Lord Im asking You today


To take me to the place

The place where I first met You

When the presence of Your love

Was so brand new

So take me to the place

The place where You first held Me

Oh when the treasure of my

Hearts desire was You

After all the years have vanished

And my life begins to fade

Lord I pray that You will shelter Me

In the warmth of Your embrace

For I long to keep the vision

Of my childhood memories

So that I will have a tender heart

Even when Im old and grey

So never go away from me

This will always be my prayer

Forevermore that I will be

In the shadow of Your care