Text písně Over The Horizon

Well Ive always been a bit of a dreamer

Holdin on to the hard to believe

Still I struggle just to fathom or imagine

What Jesus has waiting for me

Oh it's not that Im afraid of the future

For my faith has allowed me to see

That beyond the temporary it is

There He has got all the answers I need

So Im tryin my best to remember

The vision he's given to me


Just over the horizon

Past the mountains of uncertainty

The place where dreams become realities

Somewhere on distant islands

Far beyond what human eyes can see

There is a better world awaiting me

Just over the horizon

Well nobody wants to leave the familiar

When you got all the comforts of home

Steppin out is not as scary as the worry

Of steppin into the unknown

And it's not that Im afraid of the movin

For the danger will come if you wait

And the door will never open by just hoping

Youve gotta start walking in faith

So keep tryin your best to hold on

And remember the promise He gave