He Never Changes

Text písně He Never Changes

You stand there abandoned, your friends have all gone

Fairweather companions have left you all alone

This world full of changes has cut to the heart of your soul

But through all the pain only Jesus remains

And in each situation you know

He never changes, He's always the same

Through all the ages, He always remains

Forever constant, forever a friend

Forever faithful, His love knows no end

He never changes, He's always the same

A God so amazing I can't comprehend

The depth of His mercies such grace that has no end

I'm awed by the thought that I'm formed in the image of Him

But my humanity brings me down to my knees

And I find that's when His strength begins

As surely as the summer breezes come and go

There'a cold and lonely winter wind that's bound to blow

But through the turning of the seasons

You will never be alone