Every Reason To Believe

Text písně Every Reason To Believe

Searching for a reason to hold on to faith

Your grip is getting weaker

Strength just slips away

At times you get discouraged

By what you see inside

Its time to look toward heaven

Lay your doubts aside

Our Lord is trustworthy and able

Time and again He has proven

Himself faithful


There is

Every reason to believe

Every promise made is true

In the seasons of our lives

A strong hope in God will lead us through

WE can shout

WE can rejoice

Steadfast faith gives us the voice

To express what our minds

Cannot conceive

Theres every reason to believe

Long ago eternity stepped into time

Redeeming fallen man by laying down His life

One truth forever silencing His Foes

The Christ arose

Sing praise to the God of salvation

Whose power sustains us

Through every situation