Chisel Meets The Stone

Text písně Chisel Meets The Stone

There is a man inside of me

Who wants to have his way

And I cannot comply

I relinquish this heart of mine

Lord I am desperate for Your handiwork

Im ready for the change

And I can't wait to see

What You can do with me

It was for my joy

You endured the cross

And I am overwhelmed

I want my wheels to turn for You

Not for myself


Let my eyes be fixed

On the hope that cannot fail

May my life be set

Where the Hammer meets the nail

Place my feet

Where the rubber meets the road

Shape my heart

To please Your eyes alone

That I may live my life

Where the chisel meets the stone

Fill my mind with images

Of what You want of me

The path that I must take

Lest I lose my way

For my home is in Your sovereignty

My destiny to be faithful

Before Your face to serve

At the throne of grace

And as evil comes to cloud my sight

And lure me away

I will not be distracted from this holy place

Chip away what tries to hide the truth

Until there is a remarkable

Resemblance of You