Text písně Window With A View

Sometimes I'm caught in a struggle

But you go straight to the hurt

Before I call out Your name

I find your mercy is already at work

Where could I hide from Your spirit

Why should I run from Your love

For you've walked my heart

Every secret part

There's nothing I can cover up

No there's nothing I can cover up


Through Your window with a view

Straight into my soul

Nothing in creation

Is hidden from Your window with a view

How else could You know what we're going through

There is no mystery to You

You've got a window

A window with a view

So many times I have questioned

In moments of my despair

Is someone watching this wrold

And is there really anybody who cares

But I have reached a conclusion

Why should I have any doubt

For the part of me no one knows or sees

You've already figured out

You've already figured out



Now I can draw the shutters

Try to hide behind the pain

Live beneath the covers

But there is nothing that can keep You away, away



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