Text písně Land Of Mercy

This is a strange familiar place

Where I am living

The world that was and what's become are not the same

I see the evidence of grace

Without forgetting

How far I've had to come to get me where I am today

If justice had the only say

Well I would not be here

Cause less than anything is more than I deserve

But I can put the past away

For I've discovered

There's nothing left to judge, forgiveness is the final word


Everywhere I turn I see compassion but I'm learning

I'm just a fallen man

In the land of mercy

Love is free to grow where Heaven's healing waters flow

Though I may not understand

I'm living in the land of mercy

It seems I never have to ask

For what I'm given

I see the answer long before I see the need

No longer looking to the past

As just a prison

For what has been helps me remember what I used to be



Though I may walk through the valley below

I will not fear because I know who rules this world

I'm walking through (repeat)



Love is free

I'm living in the land of mercy

Tell me what you see

I'm living in the land of mercy.


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