All The Evidence I Need

Text písně All The Evidence I Need

Well I've seen the news

And I've heard the questions

Seems the thing to do

Is to keep second guessing

The one who made the earth and sky

I guess it's okay just to wonder why

But I know the truth, and I know I'm certain

It's not a mystery, It's not behind a curtain

The veil was torn many year ago

And the Spirit stayed just to let us know

That the answer is not in the stars way up high

But the answer is found in believing in Christ


So I am walking by faith and not by sight

And I am trusting in invisible things

For I have felt in my heart

What I can't see with my eyes

'Cause the proof is living inside of me

I've been set free

And this is all the evidence I need

There are pyramids

In the land of Egypt

There are those who say

That they contain the secrets

To where we're from and why we're here

But I think God's Word makes it crystal clear

That the ancient tombs in the barren desert

Do not hold the clues

They do not hold the answers

The truth has already been revealed

For it's moving in me and I know that it's real

'Cause it's not in the grave for the skeptics to see

But he lives in the hearts of the ones who believe



'Cause I know Your love reaches out to me

In my weakest of days

For I've felt Your touch In my hearts of hearts

Though I've never even seen Your face



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