The Mesage


Text písně The Mesage

The fields are white and now the time has come

For there's a harvest, there is work left to be done

Lord here am I, I will be the one

I'm committed to the finish until the setting of the sun

Lord, I will be faithful in all I say and do

To live a love that never fails

To love my neighbor as myself

And to give till there is nothing left to give

To live a faith that never dies

To be crucified with Christ

Until all that lives through me

Is the message

I can't ignore what's right before my eyes

For all around this world is searching for a sign

Outside the door they're living in the night

And the light that lives within me is the hope

They long to find

So I must be faithful in all I say and do

If we all will work together

We can make this world a better place to live

We can make a difference if we try


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