Singer Of Strange Songs

Text písně Singer Of Strange Songs

I told you about the world 
Of how the stuggle for order and peace 
and self-important hypocrisy fails 
in the face of reality 
And how there is no grand scheme 
No rest for the living..only death 

Chaos and the cold endless void 
Is all that awaits.. 
We are all forgotten 
We are all dust 
We are all unimportant 
We are all dead 
No rest for the living..only death 

You thought me mad 
You wanted me to be like you, 
To see the error of my ways.. 
So you told me things I knew were wrong 
You showed me why I would never fit in 

Why then, does what I have become surprise you? 

Singer of strange songs 

I went my own twisted way 
Mocked by the world 
Feared by the righteous 
But always where I wanted.. 

Now that all has changed, 
And the night is colder 

Now that life has shown its true colors 

And you.. 
You are forgotten 
You are old 
You are unimportant 
You are dead 

Can you face the real truth? 
Can you call me a madman anymore? 

Do you regret your selfless life? 
The things you could never do, 
In fear of what others would think? 

Do you see why I became a: 
Singer of strange songs.


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