Beyond The Apocalypse

Text písně Beyond The Apocalypse

An infernal madness sweeps me along 
On a mind blowing trip to the utter beyond 
Here I render chaos, not as force 
but as state 
A state of a consuming and 
conceiving mass 
Pouring time into the endless hole 
of eternity 
Letting forever be endless and the 
end be forever 

A fulfillinh vision of the ultimate 
death machine 
Harvesting beings through its emptiness 
and void 
Like scattered ghosts from lost dreams 
Filling a blurred fog of nightmares 
Entering a state of the final 

And swallowing the poison from 
the kiss of death 
Utter apocalyptic grandeum 
Revealing its majestic power 
Manifesting its true will 
Through demonic slaves 

One ruling force which is all 
Nonegiving, all corrupting 
Both destructive and creative 
A total mayhem of emptiness 

To live as an Immortal 
You must endure and explode life 
And know what secret treasures await 
Here..beyond the apocalypse.