Text písně Internal Winter

Ad Infermum 
I was alone 
The path lay before me 
Illuminated by 
the blood of those 
Who went 
The hard way 

Silence appressive 
Death imminent 
Chaotic evil 
Raping the order 
Killing the light 

Submit to your fears 
Obsessed with your faults 
Surrender to the darkness within 
Initializing Armageddon 
End of transmission 

Massa di requiem per tellus 
Amanged for choir & flesh 
An eldritch chaos of demon cacophony 
Such sweet disharmony 
Almost sacred 
In its blasphemy 

To rest 
To die 
Perchance to dream 
Of nightmares and coffin-worm 

Such sprrow, then 
To wake up 
To be alive 
Not dreaming 
In a corpsecity beneath the waves.. 

Infernal Winter 
No way to recapture the feeling 
Cannot reclaim a crumbled throne 
Cursed with awareness 
Of a time that has died 

Detached I sever the bonds 
Adoming my shell with crimson threads 
Attuning my flesh to my spirit 
Revelling in the agony 

My breath is chill 
My blood is ice 
My embrace the freezing death 
Frozen to the core 
Subzero emotions 
So cold it burns 

Let the cold penetrate you 
Let the cold penetrate you 
Let the cold..all the