Blood Is The Mortar

Text písně Blood Is The Mortar

And then we back them down 

Soulbound-human heid 
Walking in the shadow of hell 
At the hands of a sadist 
Cast into pandemic years 
Into utter night 
Into darkness absolute 

Bring them into fire 
Strap them down among the bones 
Heided to the slaughter 
Through a maggot coated world 
Through a tunnel of knives 
Like an angel in a devil's den 
Crawling out of the slime 
(you) insectoid vermin 

Bound upon the wheel of hell 
See your neck upon the blades 
Into utter darkness 
Into impurity and hate 

Massacre a dark paradise 
Blood is the mortar 
Forged upon bones of death 
Infernal eternal infamy 
Blood is the mortar 
Lay waste this world in blasphemy 

Through hasty pillars of green light 
Through clouds of carrion flies 
Let the world see me drag you to hell 
And your soul wrenched from your body 

It fills my heart with fury 
Like a storm of brooding doom 
To relish in the bloodspill 
Worship your own butchers 
Rising piles of the dead 
From atop a mountain of skulls 

Soulbound human heid 
Deathmass in necrotic delights 
Inhuman ritual tormentors 
Rising in full majesty 

Thirst for retribution 
Spikes driven into flesh 
Into utter darkness 
Into a violent storm of death


Diskografie 1349 – 1349