Riders Of The Apocalypse

Text písně Riders Of The Apocalypse

I ride on burning wings 
With a blazing demon 
We paint the night sky red 
With the blood of god's angels 
We piss on the tormented souls 
Of religious believers 
We rape the Virgin Mary 
To create an Anti-Christ 

This is the war of angels 
This is the war of demons 
This is the war of heaven 
This is the war of hell 

Burning angels falling 
(Their) corpses littering the ground 
We crush the pearly gates 
Burn all heaven down 
We quench the sun 
And burn the moon 
Remove Jehova 
And welcome Emptiness 


Walk through the valley of death 
Smell the stench of decay 
As the war is ending 
They will curse this day 

On this day Death walks the earth 
Reaping all mandkind 

As the sky burns we march forward 
Crushing, tormenting and raping the 
Hunt down all survivors, living in fear 
We ride with death so no one is 
What once were will never be again 
(Because) the horseman of death 
brings the world to an end!