Text písně I Breathe Spears

Falling into a nocturnal vacuum, I call for Satan, the 
for his world I shall enter 
My call is answered 
By force am I taken to realms, darker than death, 
to witness the evil glory I have travelled to see 

Many are the appearing shapes of Satan 
Unfolding in utter grotesque horror 
The air is frozen 
I can hear the hateful rumbling and pounding in the 
I can see flickering spectres, silouettes blistering with- 
electric coldness 

I breathe spears 
unleashing a pulsating storm of steel 
Sulphur floats in my veins 
My eyes burn with fury 
Carbonised into my heart 

Far away, a wast bastard cross manifests in 
the air 
How dare it shine so clear 
here in theese hellish realms? 
Oh, did I not know of the impurity... 

As the blasphemy becomes unbearable 
I behold thousands of claws gripping the 
golden cross from behind 
Soon demons crawl like furious ants all over 
the profante shape 
Screaming in unearthly rage and insanity 
The symbol of Nazarene us thirb asunder 
dripping with slime and rot 

I shiver in cruel ecstacy 
and laugh the madmans laughter 

returning now 
with diabolical strength 
and a vicious grin in the face