Text písně Evil Oath

Riding the wings of the unholy wind 
to be carried to an eclipsed place of chaos 
To be taken far away from holy ground. 
Away from the falling christ and his father 

As nights and days passes, till we turned to dust 

Series of simple gestures make me perish, 
as I said farewell to light an god of desillusions 
To follow thee into darkness wich i long for 
The source of fire, always burning in my heart 

I hereby give you ME, 
to declare WAR! 
I bare no regrets for these actions, 
I fulfill them with pride, I worship all that is ours. 

Joining the mach of the even fall. 
To be at your disposal, the blade when 
you release damnation 
I fulfill these actions with pride, I worship 
all that is ours. 

Open the gates, greet me welcome 
Independence carried me away from lies and hipocricy 
The god of sickness and his sickening angels 
To reach a new aeon, wich I seek... 

As nights and days passes untill I've turned to dust 

My soul is thine to cleanse, to form 
To shape like thy signs of yours


Diskografie 1349 – 1349