Text písně Pitch Black

Dive into the primitive side 
Seek the beast within 
Forget all emotions and forget all rules 
Let the animal come to life 

I welcome you to a world beyond limits 
Where nothing is as you know it today 
A desert of death and destruction 
Pray that only the suns make day 

To reach this land you must travel far 
Into space, beyond time 
Leave civilisation behind and prepare for 
Survival of the fittest / a world of 3 suns 

Behold the desert through nocturnal eyes 
The endless day / the night pitch black 

Eclipsing the suns from the world 
Leaving darkness and fear behind 
Creatures rule this world 
Hunt you down in the dark 
Cling to the light and trust the strong to survive 
This place is no place for humans 
Only creatures get by 

I welcome you to a world pitch black


Diskografie 1349 – 1349