When I Am Gone


Text písně When I Am Gone

Life is a vapor

So quickly fading

It only lasts a season then it's gone

And I have chosen

To live each moment

Depending on a strength beyond my own

For even thought my weakness

I am learning to believe

That through my silent faith

Somebody will see


When I am gone

What will they say

When I am gone

Will I leave behind a witness

That will carry on

When all the works and deeds that I have done

Dissolve into the past

Lord, let Your fire burn steadfast

When I am gone

I look around me

And see the darkness

Within a world where few are set apart

And then I wonder

Have I been faithful

To share the hope that lives within my heart

For when I tell another

What the savior's love can do

They just might be the one

To reach out to you