He Will Be There For You

Text písně He Will Be There For You

In the beginning

Before the world began

The great Creator

Carved a Mighty Plan

He spoke the mountains

Surrounded them with seas

Then in his image

Created you and me

Even why back then (He already knew)

There would be no end to his love


Every second of every minute

Every minute of every hour

Twenty-four hours a day

He will be there for you

Three hundred and sixty five days a year

Everyday in the life that you're here

Wherever you go

He will be there for you

He's always listening

Before you even speak

He's got the answer

Before there's a need

He feels the heartache

That no one ever sees

He's there beside you

When you're on your knees

And he says again (to me and to you)

There will be no end

To His love