Couldn't We Stand

Text písně Couldn't We Stand


You hear the people talkin'

They say they're takin a stand

They're lookin' for

A cause they can believe in

For the welfare of man

But all I see are soldiers in a circle

Marching no place fast

Isn't it time the children of God

Take a stand that will last

Oh it makes me want to ask


Couldn't we stand to kneel a little longer

The time is never spent in vain

In the light of all we stand to gain

Finding the faith that only makes us stronger

Touching what we cannot see

Reaching to heaven from our knees

Couldn't we stand

I know men

So blinded by ambition

The joy is slippin' away

But they're no worse

Than the people who are livin'

Like there's only today

And I can't help but shake my head and wonder

What's it comin' to

Lord, give me the strength to lift them in prayer

'Cause it's all I can do

Just to give them back to you