Text písně What Do I Know

I make it my firm policy

To make my bed with honesty

So, I dont sleep with shadows in the room

The truth is Ive been holdin back

The way I feel about the fact

That Im not as close as I want to be with You

Theres still so much more of You I long to know

and I wont be content until I do


Cause what do I know

If I dont really know You

Though I may blow the minds of men

How can I say that I know

Anything of love

Unless I find it in Your hands

Im not playing playground games

Im not reading Dick and Jane

And I dont need a pass to walk the halls

Ive graduated in my faith

And still Ive barely pushed the gate

That opens to the one true know-it-all

I could win a nobel prize or rule the world

But, I would die a genius with no clue



Life is such a cruel deception

Without You to lead my quest

Id fail the test