Text písně Real Thing

I can dream about heaven constantly

Both day and night

I can let my mind drift away to a better place

A better time

Though theres nothing wrong with thinking about

Forever by and by

All the while millions are still searching for a light

Maybe it is time we take a look

At here and now

Maybe we can change the destiny

Of a world thats crying out

For the truth we take for granted

Is too often left unsaid

We can get so heaven minded

That sometimes we forget


That were living in a real world

With real hurt and real pain

And all we really need is the real thing

When we look beyond our circumstance

And face reality

Well realize that all we really need

Is just to see

Jesus in a real world

There are days when I look around

And I feel like hope is gone

There are times my heart is torn between

Who is right and what is wrong

There are causes I believe in

There are things Ill never change

But Im finding all that matters

Is theres just one truth

One truth that remains

Cause were living... (CHORUS)


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