Nature Of Love


Text písně Nature Of Love

Everybody wants to know for certain

That love will never leave them alone

And there are those who spend a lifetime searchin

For a Juliet or Romeo

Well, Ive discovered that one way or another

Love will find a way to your heart

Its never to far away or never to far apart


Theres no mountain too high

Theres no ocean too wide

Itll reach beyond the limits

Thats the nature of Love

Through the measure of time

Itll go through the fire

It is endless thats the nature

Thats the nature of Love

Some will say that its to old fashioned

That love is just a thing of the past

But I believe that only true compassion remains

When nothing else will last

We cant deny when the Lord was crucified

He displayed the very meaning of love

Youre never out of His reach

Youre never to out of touch



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