Text písně To Rottendom

Inescapable hell 
Vomited from an impure soil 
Riven with death 
Like flies on rotten flesh 
Hatred is carved onto this earth 
On the bones of the dead 
The fire of glory has long since faded 

To rottendom 
Onto rottendom 

To rottendom 
Onto rottendom 

Into a pit of nothingness 
Your soul laid bare 
You all shall be none 
Crawl back to your nest 
Salt this earth with your dying sons 

Feverish dreams of a world down in flames 
Marching to the downstrokes 
Of hells titan pistons 

Exquisite execution 
In a burning grip 
The rotted life - blood drains away 
Onto rottendom 

Standind in mute judgement 
Foul souls in bounds of iron 
Harkening to the death watch 
Hell is your cross to bear 
Hell is your cross to bear! 

To rottendom 
Onto rottendom