Celestial Deconstruction

Text písně Celestial Deconstruction

In the end, a new era beckons 
Settling the foundation of an infernal dimension of wrath 
A revelation strikes with new awareness upon the masses 
Veil of darkness unravel, a horrific sphere unfolds 

An altering of the senses - to discover 
What is behing light, beyond celestial slavery 
Entangles the mind in dark waves, fiery & monotonous 
Deep is the well of dark mystery 

The enlightenment of madness presents itself 
On the soil above a lower world 
In everlasting ebony shades of the damned 
Choirs of madness chant in agonny, as blood 
Flows furiously (through my veins) 

Blurred visions - through a smoke-filled sky 
With fists clenched, I gaze on through the ugly 
The only right path 

The surge of deconstruction casts light aside 
The summoning at last 
Deceiver - pioneer of this insight 
Consume what is of joy 

Consume what is of joy! 

And enless rage until we dance on the hypocrites' grave 
Step on the crucifix 
Ans speak the tongue of blasphemy 

The shivery 
Crawling, freezing through the innards & up the spine 
The separating of this shell of flesh 
& a dark spirituality 
Do I believe? 
It believes in me


Diskografie 1349 – 1349