Text písně From The Deeps

Ia! Ia! 
The stars are rights! 

For aenos they have slumbered 
Dead but dreaming 
Waiting beneath the waves 


Daemon-gods of primeval times 
Coming round full circle 
Stirring in the deep 

Rise! Rise! Rise! 
Boiling wasters part 
Cyclopean cities emerge 
From the deeps 

And then... 

Insanity and fear 
Overwhelm the humans 
Outnumbered and inferior 

Kraken, Leviathan, Cthulhu 
So many names given 
To the fear from the deeps... 

Awaken! Kraken 
Awaken! Leviathan 
Awaken! Cthulhu 

Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! 

From the deeps... 

Ia! Ia!