Píseň: To End It All

Body split in two, trembling hands
Touch what is left on me
Try to force back, guts where they belong
Bleed profusely, writhe in agony
Every heartbeat, an eternity

I don't want to die
But this has to end

Sirensong of death, Life fade away
Cries for help no one hears
Existence of pain
To end it all is the only option
I reach for my weapons so close but yet so far

I lift up my intestines, examine them closely
what has become of me, where is the rest of me
So I close my eyes and draw my last breath
No more pain and agony, at the end I welcome death

I curse you god who did this to me
Forgotten soldier left to rot
Among other corpses
A nameless casualty
In mankind's bloody history