Píseň: Legion

From cold north to scorching desert sands
A vast empire ruled with iron hand
Peace through war, not with alive branch
Join or die submissionthe only chance
ready shield and sword against barbaric hordes
Fear the Praetorian Guard, Emperor's elite

Military might enslave the free
Incorporation into tyranny

Lay down your banners at your feet
Through conquest we bring you peace
Ruthlessly crush opposition
We are the masters of oppression

We march we bleed
We crucified your Christ
We siege, we conquer violently

We are Legion

From combat glory to Elysian Fields
What we achieve echo in eternity
Loyalty, honor, blood and death
Shoulder by shoulder

Üarade your dead through our streets
as humiliation in defeat
Beheaded leaders demonstrate
Our power to decide your fate

Spoils of war, riches and slaves
All will sponsor the next campaign
Feasting on the vanquished
Legions rejoice