Píseň: Death Conquers All

Aiming at history the trigger is pulled
Manmade plague spreading worldwide
Millions force-fed with the reces of the infested
Eardrums pierced with polished glass
Scartissued beast that still roar
Hatred and profanity underground
A funeral for mental health
Remedy for the true at heart

Your witchcraft denies them
The pleasure of being set free
Your witchcraft arouse them
Salvation unable to see

Sheep in wolf clothes searing ignorant minds
Betrayal bloodbath for their endless crimes
Prophets, lying, untrue worship the silent queen
Their hypocrisy indecent and obscene

Leprosy madmen kings of the old
The faithful outcasts fewer but stronger
Blades sharpened shinning metal of death
Punish the traitors those once loyal