The Usurper


Text písně The Usurper

Lend me your steel-bearing hand 
So I may reign the Jewel Throne 
My soul feels the gods' demand 
As the lost kings uphold my side 

Blood and sand 
Mark their way 
The usurper's tears 
Guide my sword... 

Fantasia slept in my thoughts 
As I was a son of infinity 
The emperor, forgotten, rests in my dreams 
As, back to the wall, I start the conquest 

Innocence and wrath 
Now lie far beyond 
As we cross the deserts 
To reach the fortress' gates 

Tragical serenades 
Are whispered in the wind 
As eyes in fury 
Grant us our strength 

(They're) throning on the dignity of might 
But the successor is to enter the hall 
False truth saw them climbing the steps 
But I remain the Jewel Throne's choice


Diskografie 1349 – 1349