Text písně Chaos Within

Your throats are empty and your words are shallow 
You are too weak to understand that the time for revenge has come 
I'll see your suffering, it is infernal 

I will show you your faults 
I will pound you till you fall 
Your weakness enslaves you, binds you to your primitive thoughts 

Kneel, as a slave before a master, for you the pain has just begun 
You disgust me with your base existence 
You're just apathetic excuse, not what they call: a man 

You're just a soul in a human shell, not a soul with a true existence 
I'll liberate you from this cage of flesh 
Now is the time to fucking die 

Die like a pig, die like a coward 
Die like a mindless shell 
Die like the rest! 

I close my eyes, focus my aggression 
Focus my will, reaching out with tendrils of hate 

My mind's eye, burns your soul 
Sears your flesh, caress you with deadly rage 

I open my eyes, your corpse still burns 
No match for my fiery hate! 
Aggression abating as you wither:


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