Text písně Antichrist Warzone

To break the barriers of every man's hope 
Just show him: reality 
Just give him a glimpse of what's beyond, 
The lies of sanity 
Just show him the lies spun around 
Their so-called "normality" 
I'll offer you nothing but the simple truth 
Just based upon what your eyes can see 

There is no heaven, there is no hell 
The only truth as you can see it for yourself 
So trust nobody but yourself 
For that's the only thing you can know that exists 
And die with dignity 

Thoughts and memories come toward you 
Reminds you of your loss and curse 
Loss of past, curse of future 
You decide what your life should be like 
Stop wasting your time and energy 
On those unworthy of your affection 
The only thing certain is the presence of your being 
And like this it will be till the day you die 

A significant life through other eyes who see 
As meaningless as there can be for me 
Hope replaced by hatred 
I've never been closer to the "truth" 
I'm truly expressing "gratitude" 
True thoughts of an atheist 

I'll swear to the one that even darkness fear 
With a sharp conscience 
Risen through lost faith 
I'm every drop of hate! 

Asking myself why they fear death 
When all I fear is endless pain 

Can't find a reason in this mess called life 
There's no solution as easy as the one I give you 
Just a shot gun with a single blast 

Or face reality 
And face your own fears 
And grow stranger 
And die with dignity 

This is how I remind you of my presence 


Self destruction 


Diskografie 1349 – 1349

1349 (2001)

1349 (2001)

  1. Antichrist Warzone