Text písně Lights go down

And when the lights go down
That's when it bites just a little, bites just a little more
And when the lights go down
That's when I die just a little, wanna get high just a little more
When the curtain falls
And there's no more applause
When the party's over
And there's no one to hold you
Look inside yourself and find
Your own light to ease your mind


Diskografie Basement Jaxx – Basement Jaxx

  1. Intro
  2. Zoomalude (feat. Vula Malinga)
  3. Hey U (feat. Robyn)
  4. On The Train (feat. Tommy Blaize)
  5. Run 4 Cover (feat. Lady Marga)
  6. Skillalude (feat. Skillah)
  7. Smoke Bubbles (feat. Milly Oldfield)
  8. Lights Go Down (feat. Linda Lewis & Lily Allen)
  9. Intro (Reprise) (feat. Reena Bhardwaj & Daryl John)
  10. Everybody (feat. Elida Zulu & Reena Bhardwaj)
  11. Keep Keep On (feat. Milly Oldfield)
  12. U R On My Mind (feat. Felix)
  13. Lights go down