Text písně Keep keep on

Thing is when you hold someone too close
They tend to lose their breath
I know we're both just a little bit guilty of it
We've been blaming each other to death
Keep, keep on
It's just a little hiccup [repeat]
There were many things I wanted to tell you long ago
But we were too busy and tied up with everything
It's hard to be someone in this modern world
And have time for your sisters and your brothers
Keep, keep on
It's just a little hiccup


Diskografie Basement Jaxx – Basement Jaxx

  1. Intro
  2. Zoomalude (feat. Vula Malinga)
  3. Hey U (feat. Robyn)
  4. On The Train (feat. Tommy Blaize)
  5. Run 4 Cover (feat. Lady Marga)
  6. Skillalude (feat. Skillah)
  7. Smoke Bubbles (feat. Milly Oldfield)
  8. Lights Go Down (feat. Linda Lewis & Lily Allen)
  9. Intro (Reprise) (feat. Reena Bhardwaj & Daryl John)
  10. Everybody (feat. Elida Zulu & Reena Bhardwaj)
  11. Keep Keep On (feat. Milly Oldfield)
  12. U R On My Mind (feat. Felix)
  13. Keep keep on