Turn You On To Music

Text písně Turn You On To Music

Ooh, don't you know
I-show u how d'use it
Ooh, let it go
I-turn you on to music
Ooh, feel it so
U can never lose

Life is cruel, everywhere,
no one said it would be fair
Break d' rule, in da'hood,
make it like it's understood
Ain't fool, we don't care,
if d' people stop n' stare
Play it cool, play it good,
play dat, music like u should

Ooh, don't you know...

Life is cruel, so it seems,
u have gotta live your dream
Break d' rule, everyday,
jus't hear d' music play
Ain't no fool, no has been,
stayin wid' d' music scene
Play it cool, everyway,
don't let nothin' in your way

Ooh, don't you know...


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