Text písně Stay Outta My Way

I guess I realize that...
I don't care for you no more
Let's say goodbye
See what tomorrow brings

Stay outta my know u gone to my head some
I've finished wid hit my base, ain't got my head high
I'm leavin' more,I,Ijuz wantcha
It's Over Baby we're're mine,mine,mine I gotta have ya

Tola:I gotta let u know
I'm not your booty baby........ah,ah
You know I told u so
I've made up my mind...........nuh, don't be like dat
I gotta let u go
Coz, there can be no maybe.....ha,ha
Dis'may come as a blow
I've left u behind.............nuh, don't be like dat

Stay outta my way
I've finished wid u
I'm leavin' today
It's over baby we're through

Ala:I've gotta let u see
I got u figured honey
You don't mean much to me
I've made up my mind
You don't know what I need
I gotta tell u something
Yhat aint the way d'be
I've left u behind


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