Suffer Not The Children

Text písně Suffer Not The Children

Gather round o young ones 
Listen to the night 
Loud as Hell and black as death 
Only men take fright 
Sit around my flame bright 
Warm your bones and hear 
Virgins die and demons cry 
Throw away your fears 

Suffer not the children 

Sleep tight our fathers 
Guard our mothers well 
Vampires and werewolves 
Erupt your dreams our spell 
The evening sabbat song 
A Longing to be free 
Lost children wander waiting 
Barefoot in the sea 

Suffer not the children 

Suffer not the children 
Or be deemed a damned disgrace 
Blessed be the wench 
To which delivers in his grace 

Gather around my young ones 
We can go away 
I'll guide you in the night 
Follow me 

Tonight we'll find a path 
The Hell born sinners trail 
Beware! None shall stop us 
Innocence guards our way 
The amulets of kings 
Our voodoo games 
We know but never tell 
Of our infernal names 

Suffer not the children


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