Text písně Mystique

Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind 
Mystique of mind reveal, Mystique of mind 
Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind 
Mystique my reveil 

Match the eyes of the dragon 
Catch the flames of breath 
Hypnotize reality 
And join in with the rest 
Chase the hunted magic 
And pray to its commands 
You think you winning flight control to OD land 

Bite the heart of the arrow 
Forget the purpose life 
Breaking in vein 
Injecting the knife 
Eagle eyes the challenge 
Regurgitating feast 
Yourself alive in mind 
And shell joins the deceased 

You can take all 
Reach your hand right out and sin 
dont mistake it 

Kick the womb of the serpent 
Announce the arctic foul 
No mans dog but when he's gone you feel him growl 
Heat the the bowl of the chalice 
Release the virgins soul 
Every scent of innocence forever growing old 

Who awaits all 
Crawls through the pores of your skin 
Dont debate it 

Mystique to those unknown 
While all the mists arise 
Death deals in danger 
Take a look at your surprise 
Mystique our majesty collected im my mind 
Hell bent for mystery 
Goddess reveal unwind


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