Son of the Sun

Text písně Son of the Sun

In ancient days of Khem 
A Pharao was praising 
The sun abov Amon 
Osiris, Mother Isis and Toth 

The gods would punish the hybris of Pharao 
He wrapped himself in false sunrise 
He was the founding father of the only God 
But the provoked a fit of rage 

Son of the Sun, it was his name 
Son of the Sun, the sun will birn your wings 
Son of the Sun, beware of Aton 
Son of the Sun, your God will let you down 

The Sphinx burst into tears 
And pyramids are shaking 
The precipice is close 
Whes Pharao is losing his faith 

Visions of madness led the Pharao astray 
The portents were too ominous 
Until this day his curse is still the plauge of Man 
We must defeat the only God 


Apep will rise 
Apep will come