Text písně Melek Taus

Fly, Great Bird Taus - Fly to the sunrise 
Your feathers and the crown, the symbols of your strength 
Taus (in) your follower's dance 

The offspring of Azrael - Accused as apostates 
But they're blessed by Mele al Kawat, aks whose guest shall the Sanjak be? 

Melek Taus 

Sheik Adi, Yezi - Say Hol hola! 
The Peacock Lord is here, the Serpent King will rise 

Seven angels, seven Seihs - Waiting on Mount Lalesh 
Until the day theay hear you pronounce: "As behre Azide Sarum!" 

Hear the Peacock Lord declare: "Don't say my secret name! 
I was, am now and shall have no will know me as Melek Taus" 

Melek Taus