Text písně Rolling Balls

Bowling is my life 
and it has always been my dream to be a member of the local bowling team, 
although I'm not very good. 
The guys won't accept me, 
I guess I try the girls team and lose a part of my anatomy then balls will roll. 
I think I want to be... 
Balls will roll, 
I think it's time, 
it's time for me to be a girl. 
It's a very big decision, 
it's going to change my life. 
I'll have to make all new friends, 
I 'm gonna lose my wife. 
But that's okay with me. 
There's something in my soul. 
It doesn't matter who's the better man, 
it the man who gets to bowl. 
I 've made my decision , 
I'm gonna make the change. 
There will be rolling balls, 
I'm gonna play my game. 
It's gonna be so great. 
It's gonna be the best, besides, 
I've always told myself I look good in a dress. 
I'm gonna cut'em off, 
I'm gonna cut'em off, 
I'm gonna cut'em off. 
I'll never have to cough. 
Now I've made my change and I've fulfilled my dream. 
I'm now a member of the women's bowling team. 
I hope I throw a strike, 
'cause I'll never score again. 
My first game is tomorrow, 
I will go to play and then...


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