Text písně New World Disorder

Hey, yo fuck it. I'm rollin in a 4-barrel Camaro, toward the Tribore, eyes 
narrow East River flow with marrow, along side the bridge zombies 
pushing bodies in wheel barrels, bitches sterile follow on crutches of 
rusted arrows try to breath through esophagus stuffed with sparrows, 
the imperial, terrarembrium, the spherical, I turn the steering wheel 
and pull into a 7-Eleven, met up with Billy, Danny, Rob and Evan from the 
fucking Bio, yo we down for survival with acid raindrenched skin infest- 
ed by termites, hermaphrodites on bikes swing spikes, think twice as I 
try to pacify the pariah beside the driver and Shotgun kelly flips the 
visor, time to devise a plan to reverse the demise of man before he's met 
by the lastset of the sun, armageddon, no question to answer, disaster 
results from behavior patterns. Earth lay raped, escape to saturn in a 
capsule, thirteen days of travel. Upon arrival plans unravel, imbalance 
of chemical pheremones, clones with no genitals surround us, we can't 
fuck them, no means of reproduction. I hear a scream and turn in that 
direction, 33-23-33, I see seven, coming toward us, to reward us... 

Disorder, enter the Millenium, time gets shorter 
Disorder, behold a pale horse, new world disorder 

[Lord Humongous] 

Armageddon, a new death is dawnin', I like the smell of napalm in the 
morning, four riders of the apocalypse descend from the north, a fear in 
my eye, I behold a pale horse. Armageddon, no time to cry we all die as 
the sky turns red, the missles start to fly. Factionstake action, eleven 
families rule, millenium approaches, survival of the roaches. Body 
armor will make you feel calmer or safe from the drama, deplow stealth 
military bombers, ass out, get down on your knees and pray; illuminati 
takes your soul on the eve of judgement day as the armies of darkness 
irradicate life and we all go to hell and satan fucks your wife. Strife, ter- 
ror without a minute to pray, human beings at odds, peace becomes dis- 
aray, I'm humongous from Mad Max, Lord of the Wasteland with crazy ill 
troops all at my command, don't you ever fall victim to my master plan, 
I'm the dealer of death and here's your motherfuckin' hand. 


I'm ready to take back whatever they sold ya cuz the scheme is a secret 
so nobody ever told ya, an underground illuminated tribe of radicals 
ready to take forth and feast like cannibals, animals, huffing the fumes 
of rotting flesh exhumed from the corpses of presisdents, dissents and 
fools with a one way ticket from the temple of doom, dark sides of 
moons and ill atomic booms leave the earth all shakin and full of 
wounds from Krakatoa east of Java to Camaroon, and coming soon to a 
theater near you, the end of everything that we once knew. 


The grand finale strap my body with TNT, take the president and his 
bitch with me tearing down the walls of this conspiracy, fuck skull and 
bones and illuminati. Irradication of the land of the free but I'm the 
brave, ain't going out like a motherfuckin' slave, neobarbaric post- 
apocalyptic war, ground zero brooklyn, the world at war. 

[Sticky Fingaz] 

I woke up, bar codes on my forehead, it's a living nightmare, my families 
all dead. I gotta call Fred but no dail tone, I'm out for 
self cuz I'm gonna die alone, this is madness I'm drooling with the lock 
jaw, my elevator don't go to the top floor, I hold my breath cuz the O2 
killed, I'm suffocating, I can't pay my oxigen bill. There's no tomorrow, I 
wish a nigga murder me, the president declared a state of emergency. 
The coast guard bangin' at my front door, I got homemade bombs if they 
want war. There's no sun, they put a fucking chip in me, I'm a clone, mat- 
ta fact it's a different me. I'm high tech kid, you get a bomb in the mail, so 
if you die today then I'll see you in hell, I'll see you in hell, see you in hell.