Text písně Dogs Of War

Apocalypse fills my head, fire and smoke turns the sky blood red, 
Thermonuclear warhead, chemical warfare, disease widespread. 
People kneel to the might of a figure head, mother earth lies silent on 
her death bed 
Into the fire the blind are led, five billion people will soon be dead. 

War is no solution to the conflicts that we face 
The end of our evolution, revolution, resist the hand of fate. 

Armageddon, the end draws near, reality becomes our biggest fear 
The future once seemed so free and clear, darkest hour, life disappears. 
Punishment for greed and lust, mass genocide, holocaust 
Foretold predictions of the end upon us, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

We wage a ware which can't be won, 
Apocalyptic suicide, what have we done? 

Fire, one day a great fire shall come 
Rain, a cleansing rain will wash away the scum 
War, blood thirsty savages we've become 
Revelation, judgment night and now we're done. 

I pride myself on my sill to survive, i will fight to stay alive 
We've got the power, destroy or create, 
Terminate ourselves with our love for hate. 
Every night I kneel down and pray, 
There's nothing I can do to make it go away. 
We march for peace and scream for change 
But the dogs of war will forever remain.