Text písně Move!

...meets the good old angel... 

[John Doe: ] 
I decided to go on though it hurt me so 
You lost your memory and I lost my soul 
Was it good, was it bad, was it just the same 
Through the past darkly, and we lost the game 
I never realized how things really went 
And where this angel is, and what she meant 
She said we were in the land of metals 
And we made the wrong decision and we found only death 
[The Angel: ] 
World - you see - is in your eyes 
You see the truth and you see the lies 
How come is the world so bad? 
It's up to you what you want to add 
[John Doe: ] 
But you see, this poor friend, how is he now? 
He's in the world of confusion - deep in the mud 
How can you tell it's own fault what he did? 
You made a yell of death and then he was hid 
How can you tell it was right what you did? 
You took us away from our normal trip 
It makes no sense to come here to die 
Is there sense at all, should I still try? 
[The Angel: ] 
World - you see - is in your eyes 
He will be well, he can feel his files 
In this place on one can die 
It's up to you, if you want to lie 
[John Doe: ] 
(Everyday you want to survive) 
We are poor, lost soldiers and we don't know how 
We can pass this test we are in, now 
We are living in the land of poverty 
We don't even know if "I" am for "me" 
You threw us there into this symphony 
Or the two kinda metals, when I choose I'll see 
If it's wrong I'll be dead, if it's right I'll be free 
That's how I'm gonna pay for my destiny 
[The Angel: ] 
Don't be scared, you see with you eyes 
You see the truth and you see the lies 
Go and take your friend with you 
It's up to you if you want to move 
[Jone Doe: ] 
Move, move 
[The Angel: ] 


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