How Long Can U Go?


Text písně How Long Can U Go?

I'm making my money and I'm making my money allnight 
And when I cheat you badly it only makes me feel I'm right 
And if I don't trust you it's just the same 
I can always let you down and you'll forget my name 
(Yeah!) I'm ready, are you ready? I'm always ready... 
Ready for the rock'n roll 

I show my penis on stage if I'll just get wellpaid 
(ya know) it always sells though it's of the lowest grade 
Yes, I feel so nice and I feel so fine 
And behind the stage I see my manager's smile 
'Coz I'm ready, I'm ready, always ready, ready for rock'n roll 

I dance like hell 'coz I know my boss is there 
I smile at him and people think I have something to share 
But if he can't trust me it's only peanuts for him 
He can always let me down and I can start as a pimp 
And I'm ready, still ready, always ready, ready for rock'n roll


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