Text písně Ljusalfheim

[The Shining Ones] 

[The shining ones, the elves and the fairies, are beings of enchanting beauty. They act as a thought or a fantasy and it could be easy for you to be lead astray by their splendid light. You may be lifted on their wings to the highest of skies, but the next moment they may let you fall.] 

Solar glare from Lord Frej, 
the Shining One, 
in Ljusalfheim he's King of elves. 

High above the rainbow 
and in the tarn deep in the wood 
you'll find the elves. 

Follow their light 
it's brighter than the sun 
it makes you fly... 

In the realm of Alfheim 
you never know what you have seen. 
A pale mirage? 

Beauty make you sunblind 
it fills your mind 
you fly away and lose your hug. 

Fly with their wings 
they make you feel so free 
but you may fall... 

Flee from their light 
they'll maybe drag you down 
or make you fly...