Text písně Ginnungagap

[The Black hole] 

[In the beginning there was a void, a big gap of darkness, filled with the primal forces of creation. The heat of Muspel and the ice of Nifel made the essence of life come forth from the void. The first living being, The Giant Ymer, was born out of darkness and he is the ancestor of the creatures of the universe. The world was formed from his slaughtered body. Ginnungagap is the black hole from which everything came out and into which everything will return in the end.] 

Fall deep into Void 
(in the) black hole of Nothing 

Hail, Flow of Vergelmar 
Hail, Flow of Vergelmar 
Hail, Flow of Vergelmar 
Hail, Old Void! 

Hail, Flow of Vergelmar 
Heat of creation 
Hail, Flow of Vergelmar 
Hail, Old Void! 

Spark in the Nothingness 
Heat of creation 
Make the ice start to melt 
life wake up in the void. 

Ymer is born, fire and ice 
Chaos will form, Megin will rise 

Fader Ymer drack fran urkon 
En strom av mjolk som gav oss liv. 

Oppna gapet i ryndend mitt 
Floda av blod fran Ymers kropt 
Varldar skapas utav hans kott 
Nio (till) antal pa Yggorasil. 

Ymers gap - Ymers runa 
Ymers ond - Ymers urlag