Text písně Hevosenkuva

My body kicked me out and I started out a hippie 
I dreamed about the time of the endless trippie 
But then one day I woke up in my head 
I was very disappointed instead 

I had it But then - I lost it! 

So many years have passed me by 
I didn't catch any piece of mental sky 
An' there was only on chance to try 
To find tota piece of mind 

Gotta find it But now - I've lost it! 

I was fucking on this same line 
T'was no way to find cloud nine 


What was that? My ears started to whine 
When I heard that rhyme between my head and I 
Somebody tod me it was Finnish language 
What is this place, full of mental baggage? 

Should I go there? 
Maybe I'll find something? 

Then I fucked off with my old line 
I scared my voice deep inside 
And my body gave a message to me: 

"Hevosenkuva!" ... 

So I took a real trip to southern Finand 
Walked (along) those dead Helsinki streets 
I praised: "Hallelujah, this is everything!" 
A real fullfilment of my dreams 

Finally I found a real place to live 
Finalla I found a real place to love 
These happy fellows - a real "horsepicture" for me 

This is where I belong 
This is a symphony of a healthy mind 
There's no other place like this! 

My body "goes away" 
Yeah, when I hear them say... 
My body "goes away" 
Yeah, when I hear them say: Hevosenkuva!


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