Text písně Hello

Again on the stage where everybody's ready 
To rap this beat or do you wanna call it heavy 
We wanna wecome you to this unfinished show 
We wanna welcome you to this unfinished show 
And we're gonna get through 'coz we're allowed like you 
Everything's simple but not so clear 
I've heard that you live in a bad atmosphere 
So forget the bad deals and let yourself go 
There's nothing in this world that'll keep us low 


Don't live your life with a TV-set 
It will kill you, thinking there's something you can get 
Don't make your ife sounds ike a bad joke 
And let the leaders give you too much dope 
Things will be better all the time 
It depends on how you will waste your time 
Don't panic your mind like a regular Joe 
Forget the bad deals and let yoursef go 



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