Grieve stricken heart


Text písně Grieve stricken heart

Your helping hand is killing me 
If you see me suffer it's not your victory 
Sadistic forms of new way discipline 
Like I love myself I love to sin 

And I want more 
And I want it low 
Of course you wont forgive me 
But I wont crawl 

Look out for number one 
I pray on you it has begun 
Let the night stand one thousand years 
Longstanding ,everlasting 
Breathless masquerade 
I'm your devil in disguise 


Grieve stricken heart 
Calls upon you 
Grieve stricken heart 
My only look you fools 
I love my misery too 

I'm the one to see your collapse 
I'm on the side of destruction 
On the side of black and I love to sin 
Mentally transmitted disease 
Rotten wretched attraction 
And I love myself 




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